7 Living Room colors to Brighten your Life

Small coffee table in front of comfortable corner sofa in autumn colored living room interior

Without realizing it, we spend over half our lives inside of our homes. When you think about the time spent in each room of your house, it shifts your outlook on the importance of your home environment. Next to the bedroom, the living room is where most people spend the majority of their home time. Since we spend so much time there, we must make our living rooms positive, comforting spaces that express our style. Here are 7 colors to add to your living room to brighten your space and simplify your life.

Young white couple play with their toddler in sitting room

7. White

White is classic, clean, and easy to decorate. If you like a modern space, go for a white decor scheme with occasional pops of color. White walls are perfect for displaying vibrant pieces of artwork. As a bonus, white walls make rooms appear larger and maximize natural light, so if you have a smaller space, white might be the answer.

Cream leather lounge suite

6. Cream

Cream has the same ability to enlarge a room, but it can also add warmth to your room that many prefer to a more clinical white. If you spend a lot of evening hours in your living room, you may enjoy the coziness of cream walls. Decorate cream as you would white with pops of color and your choice of artwork. Rest assured that cream walls are easy to maintain and do not make color change visible. If you smoke in the house or film your own YouTube cooking disaster shows, you will enjoy the forgiving nature of cream walls.

Contemporary purple living room

5. Purple

Give your house the royal treatment and add a posh splash of purple to your living space. Lilac is a great color for a living room that gets a lot of natural light. Try painting an accent wall for a subtle and refined splash of color. Or for a more cozy room, paint all the walls lilac and add white, cream, or grey furniture. Dark purple is the ultimate regal option for large rooms. Impress your guests by adding light wood furniture and hints of pink and cream or white.

Navy blue living room design

4. Navy

Snuggle up for a late-night movie and pretend you are in a theater with comforting navy walls. To not let your room get too dark during the day, add white furniture and wainscoting. Blue elements in your environment can promote relaxation and calm, which makes a navy room perfect for a daytime meditation session.

Berry living room interior

3. Raspberry Sherbert

More fun and quirky than red, raspberry sherbert walls make a big statement! A bold color choice can be daunting, but keep calm and match with basic grey, white, and dark brown furniture. You will be surprised by how everything comes together. Bright walls are excellent for rooms with a lot of natural light to show them off.

Modern living room with fireplace and armchairs

2. Red

Bold, Classic, Intensely cozy, deep red walls can elevate your living room to that dream chalet-like den you crave. Red walls pair best with a cozy place, roaring fireplace, dark wood furniture, and romantic nights. For a vibrant energizing living space, try primary red walls with white wainscoting and furniture.

Oversize lamp in light room

1. Yellow

The color yellow is associated with happiness for a reason; it just lifts your mood to look at it! Energize your living room by adding yellow walls and white furniture with pops of bright colors throughout the space. If your room gets a good supply of natural light, yellow living spaces can feel incredibly airy, happy, and light.

Every stimulus registers with our brain, even if we don’t consciously recognize it. Living in a space that doesn’t make us feel good weighs on us even though we might not realize it. Treat yourself to your best life by giving yourself your perfect space in which to live and grow. Add colors to your home that make you feel relaxed, happy, and empowered; the results will follow.

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