8 Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Get ready to fall back in love with your curly hair. I know your spiraled locks can be rebellious, unruly, and just plain ornery sometimes, but don’t give up on them! Try these 9 hairstyles to showcase your gorgeous curls and let your natural beauty shine. As a bonus, taking a break from hot tools will boost your hair’s health and shine!

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1. Ultra-high Pony

The ultra-high ponytail is a versatile, fun, and easy hairstyle for those with curly hair. Display those bouncy tresses by gathering the hair onto the top of the head and securing with an elastic or funky scrunchie. Use vertically placed bobby pins on the underside of the pony to keep the elastic lifted and stationary. Use a curl-defining cream on your ends to keep them springy and voluminous.

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2. Headband

For those with short and curly hair, a headband is your new best friend! Troll around on Etsy or visit local shops to find unique and flattering headbands, then enjoy all the time you are going to save on styling. For a gorgeous, minimalistic style, let your hair air-dry, then use a curl defining cream to accentuate your natural texture. Now just add the headband of your choice. Jewels, flowers, feathers, leather, the sky is the limit, so find something that shows your unique style and personality.

3. Romance novel twist

Look like you just stepped away from your tryst with Scottish highlands Fabio with this beautiful romantic updo. This style is best suited for long hair and will use three elastics that match your hair color. Using the three elastics, create three ponytails, the first using the hair around your temple, the second pulling hair from around your ears, and the third gathering the rest from the nape of the neck. Directly above each elastic, make a hole in the hair and then pull each ponytail up through its respective hole, creating a glamorous twist in each pony. To finish the look, loosely roll the ends of the three ponies, then pin just above the nape of the neck. Pull a few strands from the front to frame the face and give your prince charming something to brush away before kissing you.

4. Half bun

A hairstyle that somehow looks good with any hair texture and length, the half bun is a fashionable look that is here to stay. This easy hairdo looks great on everyone and is super easy to achieve. Gather the hair from above your ears, using an elastic to create a high ponytail at your crown. Wind the pony’s end around the base, then pin with bobby pins to create a bun. Keep the original pony a little messy, and use a curl defining cream or moisturizer on the remaining hair for a lovely, free-spirited look.

5. Loose, luscious waves

Give your hair a break from heat tools and gain thirty minutes of sleep by rocking carefree loose waves. After showering in the morning, put towel-dried hair into a loose, messy bun and let dry until it is only slightly damp. When the hair is almost dry, pull it out of the bun and work argan oil through the strands. Using a wide-tooth comb, help separate hair into tousled waves. This look is great because you can spend the morning in an understated bun and then come back from lunch with a fierce mane. Plus, laying off the styling tools will help improve the health of your hair, and so will the extra rest you gain from an abbreviated morning routine.

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6. Post-pineapple curls

Another time saving and health-boosting hairstyle, enhanced natural curls, come to us courtesy of the pineapple method. After showering at night, gather damp hair into a loose ponytail at the highest point of the crown. Using a large scrunchie lets you keep the hair together while not making a defined kink in your hair like a rubber band. With the hair gathered at the crown, wrap a satin scarf around your hair, making it look like a pineapple, with the greenery being the end of your ponytail peeking out the top of the scarf. The satin scarf prevents frizz and protects your natural ringlets. In the morning, take your hair out of its pineapple and scrunchie to reveal bouncy, healthy curls.

French Twist

7. Fashionable French twist

Don’t let this hairstyle’s elegance scare you away; the fancy French twist is an incredibly easy look to achieve. Using a dry shampoo to maximize volume, gather hair into a medium-height ponytail. Twist and tuck hair into the French twist then secure with bobby pins at the top middle and bottom. Using your fingers, loosen the look up a bit for a lovely look in informal settings. You can pull a few tendrils to frame your face, and for extra romance, you can add a few around the nape of the neck. Finish the look with a flexible hold hairspray and have everyone wondering how you do it!

8. Sleek scrunchie updo

Accentuate your bone structure and display your unique style with a sleek updo decorated with a funky scrunchie. Start by brushing your hair with a high-quality boar bristle brush until smooth, then use the brush to make a smooth high ponytail securing it with a hair elastic. Divide your pony into halves then wrap them together into a thick messy twist. Pin your double-helix hair at the elastic, then complete the look by adding an ostentatious scrunchie for maximum fun.

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