Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

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Many people believe that if they have a round face, then there are only a handful of hairstyles they can pull off. This is a huge misconception! Instead, people with round faces can have their hair styled in a variety of different ways. From a super short pixie cut to long wavy locks, check out the best hairstyles for people with round faces.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is known for being a sharp, edgy look, which makes it ideal for people with soft, round faces. Longer sections in the front can highlight your foreheads and can even make you appear taller. Adding layers and choppy edges can make this look even more dramatic and chic. One downside to the pixie cut is that it requires a lot of maintenance and regular trips to your hairstylist for trims. Since there are many different styles when it comes to the pixie cut, be sure to consult a skilled, trusted hairstylist to find the right length and style for you.

Side Bangs

Bangs tend to be a popular choice of hairstyle. However, side bangs look particularly flattering on someone with a round face. Side bangs that come down and are swept to the side are an edgy, sophisticated look that compliments a round face. Side bangs can also help create length in your face when they seamlessly blend into the rest of your hair. While you need to make regular trips to the salon to maintain the length of your bangs, side bangs are relatively low maintenance. They look great with short, medium-length, or long hair.


A lob: medium length hair meets a bob. This hybrid hairstyle looks great on someone with a round face. Usually, lobs are shoulder length, and create some length in the face will still being a shorter hairstyle. Add some layers to give your lob some volume, or you can add some loose curls for a softer look. You can also pair your lob with side bangs for a more edgy, modern look. Depending on how you cut and style your hair, the lob hairstyle is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much time at the salon or fixing their hair each morning.

Long and Straight

One of the most classic looks for people with round faces is long, straight hair. This hairstyle frames face and highlight the soft, rounded features of the face. This is a great hairstyle if you want to play around with different parts. Try parting your hair down the middle or to the side of your head for very different looks. Long and straight hairstyles are very low maintenance and require very few trips to the salon for a trim.

Loose Curls

Loose curls are another hairstyle that is popular among people with round faces. If you have a round face, be sure that your curls aren’t too tight. Tight curls can actually make your face look wider and tend to be less flattering. Instead, stick to lose, more airy curls. Loose curls will help elongate for the face while still keeping the soft, romantic effect of a round face. This type of hairstyle is great because it can work on short, medium-length, or long hair and pairs great with bangs. Remember that if you are using heat to curl your hair, be sure to use a heat protectant to prevent any damage to your hair.

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