Best Ways To Organize A Small Closet

Let’s face it. Not all of us are endowed with comfortable walk-in closets as the Hollywood stars have. But, surprisingly, we don’t notice how fast our stuff piles up over the ages. This is an excellent way to get it considerably challenging to sustain our closets under control. For sure, at some moment in time, you had a difficult time browsing for a pair of jeans or perhaps your beloved dress in that mess of garments, shoes, and bags.

If you reside in a condo or a home that comes with a small closet, I feel you. I know a closet packed to the margin with all kinds of garments and other accessories could be an eyesore. But believe me, no matter what the measurement of your closet is, you’d be astonished to find a lot more space as long as you know how to arrange your wardrobe.

Here are the most useful methods to maximize your tiny closet and keep it under control:

Begin Purging

The first move is to take everything out of your closet and start going through all of your stuff. Do you own clothes that don’t fit you anymore? Or are there things that you no longer need? If so, then try to let them go.

It would be great to follow the one-year rule to purge things that you don’t need anymore. As you sort something out, try to group your clothes. Segregate those that you continuously use from those that you use occasionally. Also, determine if there are items that you can donate. And lastly, classify the garments or shoes that you simply need to throw away.

Discover How to Fold Clothes Correctly

Knowing how to fold your clothes properly is an excellent way of conserving space in your closet. Organize your clothes according to their type. You can also stack them up according to color. This way, it would be much more comfortable for you to find what you want later on. Plus, this will definitely free up space that you can use to arrange your other stuff.

Purchase an Apparel Rack

If your closet is already totally packed and there are still things you want to hang up, then an apparel rack is the most suitable answer. Yes, this will expose your hanging garments, but this will assist you in arranging them cleverly. ????

Store Items Below

Once you have completed hanging and folding your garments, take a closer look at your closet. There might be space underneath the hanging clothes. You can use this to store some accessories like hats or even purses.

Use Boxes

Most of the time, small and loose articles are challenging to arrange in a closet. So instead of allowing them to just sit around, try to store them in boxes. This method should make it easier for you to organize everything inside your closet. It also looks much better if you use uniform boxes. Wicker baskets would be great, too. You also can label them so it would be easier to locate the things you might want to find later.

Be Creative, Use Closet Hooks

The door of your closet can work as storage, too, so that’s another place that you can get inventive. How? Use some hooks, which you can hang your handbags, coats, and additional accessories on. There are lots of very fashionable clips that you can get out there. You have thousands of possibilities since they come in various sizes, colors, and patterns.


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