Find Your Perfect Pixie Cut

2020 is the year of the easy ‘do. With so many people working from home, the morning beauty routine has gradually given way to more pressing things, like teaching the next generation and keeping the dogs from begging during business calls.

Pixie Shag

So whether you have a busy morning schedule or just want to enjoy a beauty trend that makes life easier for once, the pixie cut is for you.

No longer the uniform boring pixie cuts of the past, this year’s cuts are anything but boring.

Use the following variations to inspire your decision of the perfect pixie cut for you.

Not quite a traditional pixie, and not yet a bob, the pixie shag is a perfect length in between.

The added length of this cut gives you incredible freedom with styling, from a sleek slicked-back classic look to a messy shag with a bohemian vibe.

The pixie shag is perfect for all face shapes and is a gentler transition to short hair for those planning to lose some length.

Very Short Pixie

For an ultra-modern and sophisticated look, try the very short pixie cut. Another inbetweener, this cut is longer than a buzz cut but shorter than a traditional pixie.

The very short pixie is perfect for those with thick hair and a prominent bone structure but can look flattering on almost anyone.

This style is super easy to style in the mornings and keeps you looking fashion forward with little effort.

Long Angled Pixie

The long, angled pixie is another great cut for those who want to ease into going short.

Just shorter than a bob, this cut angles gracefully from longer face-framing layers to a slightly shorter back.

Added length in this cut allows for more freedom in styling and can look incredibly soft and feminine or androgynous and angular.

If you like to mix up your style often, this is the cut for you.

Pixie With Bangs

This year has been all about bangs, and there is no sign of that changing any time soon.

Spice up your pixie cut with baby bangs to combine two of the year’s hottest trends or opt for a more subtle side-swept fringe to keep things carefree and understated.

Ask your stylist what shape bangs work best with your features and freshen up your pixie!

Undercut Pixie

It is 2020, and men do not get to have all the fun anymore.

Add the masculine undercut to your pixie and quickly realize it is something else that women just might do better.

This cut gives off those cool, rebellious vibes that will have everyone wanting to be your friend, and definitely not trying to cross you.

Have your stylist leave some extra length to the top of your pixie cut to add volume and offer contrast to the buzzed back and sides.

Messy Pixie

Seventies hair is coming back in a big way, so groove with those choppy ends, carefully disheveled layers, and perfect volume by rocking a messy pixie.

This easy to style cut is ideal for the rock and roll spirit or those transitioning from pixie to bob.

Use styling putty and a few well-placed scrunches to get a sexy look that is big stage or festival ready.

Spiky Hair Pixie

Not for the faint of heart, the spiky pixie is a bold cut with attitude to spare.

If you love to stand out and don’t have time for society’s dumb rules, this is the cut for you.

Start with a long pixie, then use a strong hold gel and a hairdryer to create messy spikes that will stay sharp throughout the day.

There are countless other pixie cut styles, so talk with your stylist about what cut would best suit your personality and facial structure.

You can’t go wrong with one of these easy styles, so lose that time consuming long hair; it’ll grow back.

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