Gorgeous Hair Colors for Over 50

Hair color is a form of expression that is powerful, deeply personal, and just plain exciting! Just because we aren’t in our twenties anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the adrenaline rush of a completely new look. The following 8 hair colors are fun and flattering options for women of any age, so be brave and embrace your new ‘do, the compliments will start rolling in soon.

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Hot Chocolate

You can never go wrong with chocolate, it is my number one motto, and it is true for hair color too! If you are a natural brunette, sticking with a warm brown shade looks natural while bringing a new life to your complexion. If you are on the lighter side of brown initially, don’t be afraid to experiment with richer chocolates, the warmth of the tones ensures your face won’t look washed out.

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Pretty Penny Copper

For a more bold color that will make a statement, but not have children calling you Ronald McDonald, look to copper tones. An intense copper color works exceptionally well with short hair and complementary outfits. If you want the same fashionable red, but don’t want to make quite as strong of a statement, look for more understated copper tones, like those in the strawberry blonde family.

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Warm Blonde with Natural Highlights

The days of bottle bleach are over; now is the time to make sure we take good care of our tresses and consider going for a more natural look. Warm blonde shades keep you looking young and fresh, while the highlights can draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Use a face-framing cut to really show off your natural beauty or bright makeups!

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Balanced Bronde

“Bronde” as you can guess, is a happy mixture of brunette and blonde. This mixture can be tweaked to flatter almost every skin tone and cut. If you have some grey trying to take over, a cool-toned bronde is the perfect way to cover grey without looking like you are trying too hard. Bronde is also a great color if you favor bold, bright makeup as it’s muted tones let your facial features (and makeup skills) shine.

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Luscious Dark Chocolate

For those used to living on the darker side of life, it might be time to lighten up your raven locks, just a little. Super dark hair can take focus away from your beautiful face and make it seem washed out or faded. By keeping a dark color, but adding some warmth and depth, your hair will catch the light better, your complexion will look healthier, and you’ll save some time worrying less about upkeep.

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Gorgeous Grey

Grey is super hot right now, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and if not, maybe it is time to give it a try! Ask your stylist which shade will look best with your complexion and join the hottest hair trend with comfort and ease. Going full grey by dye can be incredibly empowering after years of “anti-aging” media influence, so take your power and rock that grey!

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My whole adult life, I impatiently waited to see if I got the coveted white hair gene. It is still debatable if it’ll all go white, but lucky for me, I finally learned about the good bleach. If you love white hair like I do, go for it now! White hair is on-trend, can be professional or sporty, and looks especially lovely in a coif or short cut.

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Lavender Locks

Environmental and health conditions can cause some grey and white hair to yellow. To keep your grey hair looking fresh and healthy, use a lavender toner to calm down warm coppers trying to peek through. Keep pale lavender locks for a little adventure, or have your stylist use enough to counter any discolorations.

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