Hair Colors to Rock for Fall 2020

We are three-quarters of the way through 2020. We may be a little beaten and bruised, but we are conquering this last quarter, and our hair should reflect the fierce warrior queens we are. Seriously. Throw all your hair color rules and fears out the window this season and embrace who you want to be. From icy titanium grey to bright neon pink, this season is all about expressive color so let your inner diva out! You’ve earned it.

Titanium grey

The hottest coming hair color for autumn 2020 is titanium, a metallic silver cover with ashy undertones that will keep you looking icy cool going into the new year. Keep your hair all metal, or add an ombré with pink or lavender to add a soft feminine touch.

Temporary hair colors

Can’t decide if you feel pink or green this week? No problem. Why not try both? Temporary hair colors are the perfect way to keep changing your look without destroying your hair’s health. Start with a light base color such as blonde, white, or even titanium, then add your temporary color choice. Many temporary colors only last a few washes, so you can change your color any time the mood strikes! Try a neon pink temporary color that will let you go from bright pink to understated dusky rose as the color washes away.

Cherry red

Bold is big in 2020, so it is no surprise that cherry red has found its place in hair fashion this year. Don’t shy away from bright red; it flatters most skin tones and no longer looks out of place in the workplace as it did just a few years ago. If fire engine red still fills you with anxiety, ask your stylist about deepening the shade for an equally stylish burgundy ‘do. There is no wrong shade of red this autumn, so get creative!

Bold, dark roots

Have you been stuck at home since March? Lucky for all of us, the fashion powers that be have also been quarantined, so easy maintenance cuts and dark roots are actually en vogue. Embrace the dark roots trend and let your hair rest a little longer between bleaches this season. Dark roots look especially lovely with a tousled pixie cut, so double up on these styles and take the time you save to use for a little self-care.

Ice queen white

Before it starts snowing glaciers or whatever winter 2020 has in store for us, get ahead of the season and embrace your inner snow queen early. Nordic white takes traditional platinum blonde to a new level by removing the last hint of beige that keeps platinum in the blonde family. For the perfect ice queen hair, ask your stylist to add a silver finish that imitates a shimmering icicle’s tone.

Supervillain black

If you aren’t the ice queen type, you are in luck. The complete opposite of the innocent snow white is also on-trend, and it is deliciously rich and dark. Jet black hair, or more accurately, ultra-dark brunette shades make you look like an international woman of mystery or sexy supervillain. Dark hair appears especially classy when slicked back and smooth, so ask your stylist for a hot oil treatment the next time you are at the salon!

Shiny penny

This autumn, we will see a lot of harvest colors… on people’s heads. All shades of coppers, from a deep shiny penny to light spiced apple cider, will continue showing up and dazzling the hair world. Copper looks great on everyone, so let your stylist guide you to the right intensity of color!

The only color rule of 2020 is there are no color rules in 2020. Go get that dye job you’ve always wanted; there is no better time than now!

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