1920s Hairstyles That Look Good Now


Ahh…the roaring ’20s. It was a time of great fashion, great music, and great hair. However, these great hairstyles don’t need to be kept in history books. Instead, these vintage and classic hairstyles can still be worn today! If you are looking for a fresh, new look, check out these sleek and timeless hairstyles from the 1920s that you can still rock today.


The bob hairstyle originated in the 1920s. Many people see the bob as a physical presentation of the women’s rights movement and the push for equality. The bob tore away the belief that women had to have long hair in order to be seen as feminine. The bob is still a powerful hairstyle that can be worn in several ways: blunt, asymmetrical, A-line, pixie, and the list goes on! Be sure to consult your hairstylist to determine what type of bob is right for your face shape and lifestyle.

Garage Braids

Garage braids were a staple hairstyle in the ’20s. Back then, garage braids were big, bushy buns worn on the side of the head, resembling headphones. Garage braid became iconic in the fashion world when Princess Leigha in Star Wars worn her hair in a similar style. Today, garage braids are usually styled in a much smaller size. This hairstyle can be styled with traditional buns or braided buns. Garage braids are a great hairstyle if you are athletic or lead an active lifestyle.

Shingle Pringle

This hairstyle from the 1920s is iconic just for its name alone. The shingle pringle is a more boyish take on the bob. Generally, the shingle pringle is shorter than the bob and looks more like a traditionally male hairstyle. This hairstyle is great for someone who lives an active lifestyle and who doesn’t want to worry about hair in their face. However, the shingle pringle will require frequent trips to your hairstylist to keep it short and trimmed.

Marcel Waves

Marcel waves was another iconic hairstyle from the ’20s. These marcel waves were usually paired with bobs or shorter hairstyles and give a softer, more feminine take on the bob. These waves were typically slicked own and are in a literal wave shape down the head’s side. In more modern times, marcel waves resemble the crimped hairstyle. Remember that if you are using heat to style your hair, be sure to use a heat protectant to prevent damage to your hair.


The chignon may have originated and been popular in the 1920s, but it is still a staple in today’s hairstyles. The chignon is simply a bun tied at the nape of the neck. This is a simple, elegant hairstyle that can be styled as a casual look, or it can be styled for a more formal look. Make your chignon more modern-looking by pulling on your hair once it is secured to create a softer look. You can even try pulling out a few strands of hair from the front to frame your face.

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