Out of Office Hair, Let’s Cut Loose

With an unprecedented number of people working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic, the typical office’s look is changing quickly, and so are its outdated expectations. With babies crying through sales pitches, dogs demanding treats during conference calls, and cats flashing their naughty bits to your entire zoom meeting, the old stuffy office dress codes are beginning to seem really trivial. So seize this opportunity and let your hair reflect the true you! Whether you feel drawn to a neon pink pixie or long layered rainbows, now is the time to embrace your wild side with “out of office” hair. Use the following trends for inspiration, then talk to your stylist about creating your ideal ‘do.

Crazy Colors to Consternate Karen

The office gossip has no power over Zoom. We have all accepted; it is none of their business that you wear pajama pants to every meeting. You have embraced comfort, now express yourself! Start your next video chat with a new non-traditional hue, and if Karen wants to gossip, she will have to find someone who cares.

Pink hair, don’t care

Pastel, neon, rich, or faded, the pink hair trend will continue to proliferate this autumn! Use a tinted wash to add a hint of pink, or go all out with rich, vibrant shades from a stylist. Color block bright pink and turquoise to combine two of the year’s hottest hues and enjoy a fun cotton candy hairstyle that will remind you of summer as the days get cooler.

Pumpkin spice life

Autumn brings to mind bright orange pumpkins, pale spiced apple cider, vibrant changing leaves, and invigorating bonfires. Like these seasonal staples, the hottest color this autumn will be orange in all it’s glorious harvest shades. Go for deep bonfire orange like Bella Thorne, or opt for a light copper-like spiced apple cider. Now is your chance to try orange on purpose (I’m looking at you, past teenage me with the bottle blonde disaster), so experiment until you find your perfect fall shade!

Daring’ Dos to Don During Discussions

Short bangs

If you have always wanted to try short bangs but have been afraid of having to go to work looking like a toddler’s scissor accident, this is your season. Short bangs, or baby bangs, are everywhere this year and flattering on almost every face shape. While traditional bangs draw attention away from the top half of the face, baby bangs get the eye to focus closer to the eyes and forehead. With bright, fun face masks becoming the norm, baby bangs level out your look, and as a bonus, they are super easy to maintain. Add short bangs to any length hairstyle for a unique look that is all your own.

Pixie cut

Since many of us rarely leave the house, this year has become about making a simpler life stylish. There is nothing easier and more en vogue in the hair world than the pixie cut. This year isn’t just about perfect pixies like Twiggy; anything goes, and you can get as creative as you want! If you have super thick hair try a short cut with shaved backs and sides to get some air back to your scalp. For the ultimate morning ease, choose a textured short cut that you can towel dry at 7:30 and still look polished for that 8 am video conference. Combine a crisp pixie cut with your new bright hair color and enjoy a fun, easy-to-style “out of office” look that will have everyone jumping on the creative train.

No matter what you choose to do with your hair, do something that will brighten your day when you look in the mirror. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us that life is short, and the little things that make us happy are of paramount importance. So get with your stylist and design your perfect ‘do! There is no better time than now.

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