The Easiest Hair Trends for Fall 2020

If you are like me, you like to dedicate your time to productive things like bringing home stray kittens and learning to knit socks. We don’t have time for a long hair care routine in the mornings; there is life to be lived! It is lucky for folks like us that the pandemic has made easy hair stylish! The following 8 hairstyles are set to rule autumn 2020, and they are gloriously simple to style and maintain.


With fewer people venturing out and going to big events, there is much less desire to keep long hair for fancy waves or updos. So now is the time to experiment and lose some length. Bobs are set to be incredibly popular this fall by keeping enough length to not be intimidating, but adding light, freeing movement, and fun to your ‘do.

Pixie cuts

We can’t get enough of pixie cuts here because they are the ultimate low morning maintenance style! Customizable to best suit your individual features, pixie cuts can be short and crisp, or longer and shaggy. All the rules are out the window in 2020, so find a fun pixie cut you can’t get enough of and sleep in that extra thirty minutes in the morning. You deserve it.

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are everywhere this year, and there is no end in sight. These short bangs draw attention to the upper part of your face, which is perfect to balance super colorful face masks. Baby bangs spice up an otherwise dull cut or style, such as a cut overdue for a trim or the go-to messy bun, so relax just a bit longer; you’ve earned it.

Long layers

One of the fall’s hottest trends will be long luxurious layers that are deceptively easy to maintain. Opt for a shaggy cut that will keep a flattering shape as it grows out so you can put off your salon appointments a little longer than usual. Don’t overwash your long hair, and be sure to protect it against any heat tools. For the easiest waves, let your hair dry in a top knot then separate with a curl defining cream, instant movie-star hair.


Go from bed head to office professional in seconds with the miraculous top knot. Many of us have been there, forgetting a Zoom meeting until the very last minute, and looking like a hot mess in front of the entire office. But even if our eyes look like we haven’t slept in three weeks, the top knot will make your hair look put together and responsible. Just secure the hair in a smooth, high ponytail and wrap in whatever style you like, secure, and voila! Professional.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories will continue their popularity in the fall, which is great news for chilly ears! Don’t feel like washing your hair for a few days? Try using a headscarf to create a pineapple wrap and look funky while keeping your hair away from your face and preventing acne. Headbands are also having a shining moment to add pizazz to easy to maintain cuts and styles. Look for local artists creating beautiful hair accessories; you will be amazed at what you find!

Deep side parts

The easiest way to switch up your current style and add volume to your locks is to simply move your part over a few inches. Though it may feel awkward at first, moving your part around two inches from the center gives you a boost of volume. And it’s a chic, easy way to style any extra length you have grown over the summer.

Curtain bangs

Though baby bangs are dominating the war of bangs, curtain cuts are making a run for popularity. Curtain bangs are the shaggy, face-framing bangs that you have seen all over Hollywood recently because they are so universally flattering and easy to maintain. If you aren’t ready to commit to frequent trims or want to grow out your current bangs, curtain bangs are your easy answer. Using the bangs to create face-framing tendrils can look incredibly romantic with a messy updo, so cut down on date night prep with curtain bangs and a messy bun!

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