The Hottest Post-Quarantine Hair Colors

Hairdresser helping client to choose new hair color

2020 is serious and scary enough, so it is no surprise that fun, colorful hair is the year’s hottest trend! More traditional colors get spruced up with pleasant shades and highlights, making them just as fun as the funky colors that will rule the fashion scene. Embrace your artistic side and choose a hair color that makes you feel confident and seen. The following hair colors are guaranteed to boost your spirits and impress your friends.

Woman with brown hair looking pensive

Rich, Creamy Chocolates

There are few things better than chocolate, and that holds true for colors of hair too. Brunette hair is super hot this year. Incredibly versatile and almost universally flattering, you can’t go wrong with any shade of chocolate. The warm tones that come in chocolate shades add depth to your locks, help your hair better catch the light, and make your complexion look healthier. Look for colors like dark chocolate, cafe au lait, medium chocolate, or exotic tints like chocolate mauve.

Charming ethnic model in close-up

Vibrant Raven Black

2020 is all about discovering yourself and introducing that person to the world. Anything goes, and that includes jet black locks. Black hair looks exceptionally natural on very pale or very dark skin, but don’t let that deter you if you fall in the middle. Embrace your inner rebel and go to the dark side; there is no better time than now.

Screaming Neon Highlights

Make a bold statement and show off your colorful personality by adding neon-colored highlights to your tresses. Neon highlights are universally flattering, complementing all hair types and lengths, skin tones, and ages. If you aren’t quite ready to commit, try a few clip-in highlights and see how much fun you can have showing others a rainbow.

A hair colourist in gloves applying red hair dye to a client's blonde hair with a brush.

Funky ’90s Red

You remember the color, a small range of shades from fire engine to burgundy that scream 1990’s cool. Box dye took over in the ’90s, and everyone seemed to be going red. Recreate this fun, youthful look, but please don’t go for the box dye to get there.

Woman with beauty long brown hair. Fashion model. Pretty Face.

Silky Tiger’s Eye

Inspired by the tiger’s eye, a flashy, gold and brown phenomenal gemstone, tiger’s eye hair closely resembles the beautiful hues of its gemstone namesake. Your stylist will meld bronze and caramel highlights into a dark brown base to achieve this spectacular color combination, creating stunning movement and reflection in your mane.

Teeth smile woman long blonde hair healthy skin

Brilliant Buttery Blondes

Light blonde dominated 2019, but this year icy blondes will take a back seat to warmer buttery tones. Warm blonde shades keep you looking young and fresh, while also looking beautiful on a wide range of skin tones. Have your stylist add highlights to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones and ask for a face-framing cut to really show off your natural beauty or bright makeup looks!

young beautiful short blue hair hipster woman with headphones mu

Calm and Collected Blues

2019 showed us bright denim blues and a multitude of blue ombre styles, and we all fell in love. 2020 sees blue continuing to rule, but in a more understated form. Blue washes freshen up silver and white hair, removing any yellowing of last year’s dye job. For a bolder use of blue, try adding blue highlights to your hair and embrace a little adventure to finish out the year.

Curly hair woman beauty red lips perfect curly

Precisely Placed Pintura Highlights

If you have curly hair, there is nothing more exciting for your color possibilities than Pintura highlights. Pintura highlights are precisely painted onto your curls with a brush to accentuate your natural texture and gloss best. Imagine the highlight from the shine of the sun on the top of someone’s head, Pintura highlights allow a stylist to paint that reflection onto each of your curls. Look for a talented stylist you trust to perform your Pintura highlights and enjoy this completely individualized hair color.

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