This Year’s 10 Hottest Bedroom Wall Colors

Your bedroom may be your sanctuary, but that doesn’t mean your sleeping space needs to be entirely serene. Bold wall color is making a splash in magazines and Instagram feeds everywhere and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get in on the fun too! While wall color is a commitment, it can certainly be changed again, so why not try out something new? You also have the option to try something brave on just one wall, as a feature, so you don’t have to commit your whole design scheme to a strong new look. Check out the latest trends in bedroom wall color and decide which one best suits you!

1 – Steel Blue

Blue doesn’t have to give you the blues! Not only does blue create a soothing space, it pairs beautifully with white linens to really make your bed pop. Steel Blue is a refined take on a blue bedroom with its bold flavor and calming gray undertones.

2 – Grey Mauve

Rethink your stance on mauve! This understated tone lends an understated charm to any space and has the advantage of working well with most tones of wood. Paired with the right patterns and textures, this versatile color can switch between masculine and feminine looks, and straddle both! There’s a reason you’re seeing variations of this tone in so many design schemes — it’s a keeper!

3 – Dove Gray

This color gets a bad reputation for being drab, but it can lend a sophisticated air to any design scheme. Part neutral, part statement, Dove Gray is a color you’ll be happy to wake up to each morning.

4 – Forest Green

Green is the color of life, and it can certainly add some zing to your sleeping space. Forest Green brings a rich, cultivated burst of color without overwhelming you when you’re trying to sleep (or sleep in). Paired with other muted greens, whites, greys and blacks, it’s a real stunner.

5 – Lavender

You’ll learn a new appreciation for this springy tone when you see it on your bedroom wall. The key with any pastel wall color is to choose furnishings that don’t contrast too sharply in order to avoid looking garish. Paired with soothing tones, Lavender can bring a luxury spa vibe to your sanctuary.

6 – Graphite

Don’t let this bold wall color scare you! Graphite brings delicious strength and resolve to any bedroom space. This dark grey wall color says your bedroom is all grown up, but might also be ready to party!

7 – Tiffany Blue

Indulge your playful side with this classy blue statement color. Fall alseep in a Tiffany Blue room and you’ll dream of Audrey Hepburn and chic dinner parties in Greenwich Village.

8 – Brick Red

Jokes about the color red in the boudoir aside, red can actually help create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom. Paired with darker tones and natural wood, red has the power to give your space immediate maturity and sophistication.

9 – Dusty Rose

Pink doesn’t have to mean girly! Styled with the right linens and furnishings, this muted tone of pink will have you apologizing to your grandmother for mocking her interior design choices. We especially love this color with chocolate brown. What a place to lay your head!

10 – Pewter

Yes, gray is in style this year! And nowhere more so than the bedroom. We love this tone because it’s bold but also serves as a neutral palette for other almost any other colors or wood tones. An excellent choice if you want to update your space but can’t afford to replace any of your furnishings!

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