7 Youthful Haircuts for Women over 50

As we age, our hair changes by losing pigment and volume and sometimes gaining a wiry texture. Just because our hair can’t hang with the college kids anymore doesn’t mean that it should be sent to a home. Forget all that you know about “age-appropriate” hairstyles.

The perfect hairstyle for you is one that makes you feel good because a person that feels good looks healthier and younger. Look for hairstyles that will work with your unique hair challenges, and don’t be afraid to be bold! The following hairstyles will freshen up your look and work with common hair issues like thinning and texture change while letting your gorgeous personality shine.

Here are 7 styles that we absolutely love – enjoy!

1. Rounded bob with wispy bangs

A rounded bob is classic yet has a slight edge to keep life interesting. With an undercut keeping you feeling light and free, this style is ideal for those with more dense hair texture. Tie the look together with micro-fringe bangs to create bold lines that accentuate your eyes and other facial features. Wear this low maintenance cut straight or curled and with any color!

2. Pixie shag

The pixie shag is just slightly shorter than a bob but longer than the traditional pixie cut and has lots of soft, messy 70s style shag. This style is perfect for those who want to ease into a shorter texture, look relaxed yet sophisticated, or desire a cut they can style differently according to their mood. Curl large sections of hair and spritz with texturizing spray; the goal is to look happy, not perfect! The pixie shag can hide any sparse spots for those with thin hair, and frequent trims keep your hair healthy and voluminous.

3. Sleek grey bob

Timeless and customizable to any face shape, a bob that accentuates your natural, or not so natural, greys are always on-trend. Style this cut as a sophisticated smooth look, or add texture for a funky free-spirited vibe. Ask your stylist to create your perfect length and angles for your bob and then let your natural grey take over, or let you stylist take you all grey at once. As a bonus, shades of grey and silver are set to dominate hair fashion this autumn.


4. Feathered layers

A collarbone length cut with feathered layers and side-swept bangs create a fun, youthful style that especially flatters round faces. This style is perfect for women letting their grey come-in naturally as the layers create a flattering highlight effect. Add side-swept bangs and immediately see years come off your face.


5. Textured short crop

Those looking for a cut that is easy to style and still fashion-forward should look to the textured short crop. To achieve this look, a stylist uses texturizing shears to thin the top of the hair, add texture, taper the back and sides, and make sure the ears are visible. Perfect for those with medium density or wavy hair, the textured short crop looks great on any face shape.


6. Timeless white and layered

If you are struggling with the salt and pepper look, consider helping mother nature along and going snow white. The timeless layered bob looks incredible with white locks and can be customized to flatter any face shape. Wash with a silver maintenance treatment or even a temporary dye and enjoy being at the forefront of fashion! Be sure to find a stylist that can customize your bob to your features; you want all your beauty to shine through!


7. Face framing layers and an inverted bob

The inverted bob cut creates long layers in the front and short voluminous layers near the crown. Perfect for those with thin hair, this cut accentuates your best features and hides any sparse spots near the crown. Easy to maintain and exceptionally flattering, this cut is perfect for those who want to begin learning to style their hair and experiment with products.

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