8 Slipcover Ideas We Love

When you want to refresh your room without making big furniture purchases, slipcovers can be a real lifesaver. Sofas and chairs take up a lot of visual space in your room. They also tend to be some of the most loved (also known as “beat up”) pieces in your house. A slipcover can literally cover some of your room’s problem areas. It can also extend the life of solid pieces of furniture that are simply showing a little extra wear-and-tear in their upholstery. Slipcovers can also be a lot of fun! You’re not making a huge furniture purchase, so you can go a little funky with your choices knowing you can always swap them out in a year or two. Check out the slipcover looks we love!

1 – Multicolor

No, your eyes don’t deceive you, the seat cushions for this slipcover are a different shade than the rest of the sofa. This is a great choice to give your space a bit of whimsy without a lifelong commitment to a piece of furniture. And naturally, you can mix and match your color choices to pair better with the rest of the decor in your room. It’s only a slipcover, so why not?

2 – Pastel

Pastel colors might seem like a brave choice for an upholstered piece of furniture. Particularly when you have pets or children. (Or just a husband who loves eating pizza on the couch when he’s watching the big game, ahem, we’re looking at you, Bob!) A slipcover gives you the chance to try lighter colors you wouldn’t normally dream of trying in your decorating scheme. If your slipcover is easily laundered, that’s almost a pass to go crazy with light colors!

3 – Drop the back cushions

Sometimes a new slipcover gives you the chance to completely re-think the design and function of your sofa or chair. You can do something wild like dropping the tailored back cushions your sofa came with and replace them with throw pillows instead. When your friends and family ask when you got new furniture you can just smile and shrug – we won’t tell!

4 – Wild materials

We’re not saying you should try to slipcover your sofa in bubble wrap, but why not try some wild materials and zany textures? A slipcover gives you a chance to do something a little funky and really make a statement. Why not try faux fur or wool, or some other material you wouldn’t normally consider? If you plan to replace your slipcover in a year or two, longevity doesn’t need to be a consideration!

5 – Quilt

Who says your slipcover even needs to be a slipcover? If you aren’t ready to commit to a slipcover, or if you just want to save your dollars until you’re ready for a whole new sofa, a beautifully draped quilt can do the same job a slipcover would. There are a lot of advantages to this method, including that it can be easy to launder or swap out your quilt choice as needed.

6 – Tailored

If you want your slipcover to seem a little less “slipcovery” then a tailored look may be more your style. If your sofa manufacturer doesn’t offer custom slipcovers for your sofa, you can visit any of a number of slipcover makers online, give them the specific measurements of your sofa, and have a custom-tailored look made just for you and your space. This is also a great choice for sofas with slightly odd proportions or unusual shapes when traditional slipcovers won’t fit.

7 – Neutral

We’ve talked a lot about slipcovers as a temporary measure, but sometimes you hope to get real longevity out of your new cover. That’s when a neutral color is a perfect choice. Shades of gray, beige, and tan can help your slipcover weather a bit of wear-and-tear and make the investment last a bit longer. The great part is you have a lot of versatility in throw pillow covers and other design choices.

8 – Pattern

Go bold! Why not grab a slipcover in a pattern? You can try a look you’d never consider buying in upholstery like this sweet baby pink and mint green pinstripe. Paired with the lines of a classic sofa, you can bring a bold statement into your room with your slipcover.


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