Coloring Your Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Perfectly groomed lashes and perfect eyebrows can do wonders with our faces. It is therefore not surprising that more and more women and girls regularly dye their eyelashes or eyebrows at the beautician. If you have your eyebrows or eyelashes dyed, you will save a lot of work. In the morning, after waking up, you look good, and basically, you don’t have to move a finger for that. But is it really necessary to go to a pro?

Coloring eyelashes or eyebrows by yourself

Many women see going to a salon or a beautician as a pleasant relaxation, which they indulge in at least once a month. Apart from the fact that it is a form of rest, where someone else takes care of you, and you let yourself be pampered, it is also a considerable expense. And at the same time, you can forgive a visit to the salon, thanks to which you will save.

Paint eyelashes or eyebrows in the comfort of home? Sure, why not! Actually, there’s nothing wrong with it, no matter how complicated it may seem at first glance. We will advise you on how not to have to go to the pro next time.

Select color first

Now we don’t even mean choosing a suitable shade, although of course it also depends on how you decideĀ which type of color you decide to use during home dyeing. This is because you can choose either oxidative dyes that work on a hydrogen peroxide activator or dyes for home use that work by wrapping the color pigment around the hair. This is the difference: oxidizing dyes penetrate deep into the hair structure, while the second type of dye only wraps the hair on the outside.

How to do it? Don’t be afraid of anything!

Maybe you will be nervous before the first home attempt, and it’s okay when something is new, it’s perfectly logical that we’re not twice sure. But you will see that there is nothing at home about eyelash and eyebrow dyeing and that the initial worries were completely useless.

First of all, remove and degrease the eyebrows and eyelashes, use the product that you have at home, and normally use. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before staining.


If you only paint your eyebrows, apply the paint slowly and carefully with the help of a brush, while trying to avoid the skin, which would then be harder to clean. Let the color work and then remove, you can use a cotton swab.


If you want to color the upper lashes, apply a denser cream to the lower ones, you can also use protective papers, which are usually part of the color. Then apply the paint with a brush, leave on for two minutes and remove with a cotton swab.


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