10 Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairdresser styling customers hair
Media is full of images of women with long, thick, luscious locks, fancy updos, and not a scraggly end in sight. The good news for us is that their hair is usually fake, and there are tons of hairstyles that the rest of us can rock with just our own thin hair. The following 10 styles will compliment thinner hair and make you movie star glam without all the work.

10. Deep side part

Parting your hair in the center can make everything look flat. Use a deep side part, 3 inches from center on either side, to create volume and a full, lush appearance. It may feel unnatural at first, but let the hair settle before making your final decision. You won’t want to lose your new-found full mane.

9. Pixie cut

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the way to fuller-looking hair is to take some away. A layered pixie cut is easy to maintain and easy to style. For extra volume and texture, style using a light balm or salt spray. Scrunch and go for sexy, fun, full hair. If you value a low maintenance morning routine, consider going for the pixie cut.

8. Wispy front layers

Wispy front layers, from your chin to just above your bust, frame the face beautifully while adding texture and volume to your do. Cut the back of your hair in a straight line to avoid scraggly ends. Embrace the thin front layers and see how full your hair looks while drawing attention to your gorgeous face.

7. Wavy lob

The wavy lob is one of the hottest hair trends right now, and lucky for us, it works perfectly with thinner hair. A wavy lob, or long bob, typically falls just above the collarbone and is just short enough not to weigh down your root lift. Cut blunt ends and style your hair in sections for the biggest volume boost.

6. Angled bob

An angled bob is like a traditional bob, but is cut closer to the nape of the neck in the back. The cut is angled to be longest in the front around the face while boosting volume in the back. The asymmetry of this cut shows off a fashion-forward, edgy attitude with an unexpected boost of volume that is ideal for thinner hair.

5. Braided crown

If you have tried to wear a braid with thin hair recently, you know that you end up with a pitifully tiny little end that definitely doesn’t look full and healthy. But don’t give up the braid, just move it. A braided crown, or milkmaid braid, creates the illusion of a full mane while also looking gorgeous and sophisticated.

4. Uneven bangs

Channel your inner francophile and try the ever-popular uneven, or “french girl” bangs. While blunt bangs can show thin hair, choppy, uneven bangs offer an illusion of fullness and the freedom to part and style in different ways.

3. Loosely combed back

Create voluminous locks the easy way! Just finger comb them back. Add volume by loosely combing the hair back and securing with bobby pins or a hairband. Slightly rough up your roots a little, then spritz with hairspray to add texture and staying power. For long hair, a messy bun finishes the bumped up, beautiful look.

2. Shoulder length blunt cut

For those with thin hair, weight matters. The longer your hair, the more pressure there is flattening your roots. To avoid pulled flat locks, keep your hair medium length or shorter. If you like a long hairstyle, try a blunt cut to maximize the illusion of fullness and avoid scraggly ends.

1. Accessorize!

Accessories are not only fun to play with, but they also can add an illusion of health and volume to your hair. Try a crown accessory with wispy bangs to channel a funky hippie look. A floral headband or clip looks great with any hairstyle and instantly makes your hair appear thicker.

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